Florida Georgia Line – Get Your Shine On lyrics

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gottogo133 says:

not everywhere is capable of deer management. Try up here in northern VT, ain’t very many deer bigger then that around here. Plus who hunts for trophy? Should be hunting for meat like a real hunter, and that deer was prob real good eating.

LT5553 says:

lovin fgl !!!

jgracebieber says:

You should do Mama’s broken heart byMiranda Lambert!

Mikster7500 says:

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Corey Seamans says:

its only a baby… deff with deer management u atleast take a six. no matter if its your first.even a 6 is still to small. u want something to hunt in the future then focus on 3 1/2 to older yrs deer… thats deer managment…. there is nothing worse than saying if its brown its down

Brendan Loughlin says:

well maybe if it somthing other than country than it wouldn’t be great

countrygun3 says:

hey you did good. lol better than some of those “badass” boys lol

Lizzeh Fetty says:

Amazing! :) Keep up the AMAZING WORK

Andy Humberto says:

Yeah most pussys cant handle real country music

Nicholas Garcia says:

You think i can get your number?!?!?!

russellpweber says:

Its her first buck bro and unless she is in an area where they are managing them, someone else that has probably shot 30 bucks would shoot him anyway. I would rather someone that has never taken a buck take him, then some idiot just trying to fill his tag.

Justin smith says:

Baby get your shine onnnn!!! Now thats a song jack!! keep em comin girll

Joe Schwan says:

clearly you know nothing about deer management.. management would be to kill that deer before the two by two gene further dilutes the population. Management 101

Jeremy Mccain says:

You’re picture makes me enjoy this song even more :D

dcla2k3 says:

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lesjesslilmess says:

Awesome! And Congrats on your buck!

Lauren Foley says:

Mobile please? :)

1Thousandtrees says:

this song would be so great if it wasn’t a country song …. -.-

Bryce Summers says:

could you get cruise please..:)

Paulzbor8 says:

Better to get that thing outta the gene pool than let it repopulate.

103farmboy says:

nice job on the buck but i agree with t0j16 it coulda been a monster but it all depends on where your hunting and if its your first buck but still nice job on gettin a buck

Tiffany Marie says:

This song makes me wanna dance ;D

Chris Cook says:

good job as a 12 year old, learning how to hunt at a young age is awesome, had my first 12 gauge when i turned 11, and shot my first one that year too, it was a massive odd looking 3 point buck. im ashamed to tell that story

t0j16 says:

great job! love this song

t0j16 says:

idk. the 4 point could be a monster in 4 or 5 years. it all depends on where youre hunting. and if it was your first buck. My first buck was a 7pt. i was 12 so i think it was ok.

TheAsianProphat says:

why cant more girls want to go hunting like you?

Tonya Quick says:

love the video, by the way congrats on your first buck!

stephshane1 says:

good video… nice deer hun ;)

brad murphy says:

could you please do made in america by toby keith i absoluty love your videos

Brittany Franks says:

mine wont let me either :( 

SoFla Sunwear says:

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casscali14 says:

Listened to this song for the first time, and within the first 30 seconds of listening to it it became my new favorite song

Tara J says:

awesome video, nice job on the buck, congrats(;

ConrailEngineer6236 says:

congrats on your first buck girl ;)

dounut852 says:

best song ever

Christian Lackey says:

Raping the replay button;) great song

jbsouth16 says:

I have to agree with this one Autumn – Buddy Brown is amazing and I’d love a vid!

Heather Cheyenne says:

no its party lights

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