You’re Country – Florida Georgia Line

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I just made the video and added pictures. I don’t own copyrights or any of that enjoy…


Taylor Cad says:

if your anything like me your COUNTRY<3

Mikster7500 says:

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countrycutie365 says:

This is my life in a song

Nicole Brown says:

Would like to point out your grammar mistakes, Just saying.

Trent Lowrey says:


williamlynch37 says:

This song is the best i farm so I’m working everyday till the sun goes down and during harvest season when we picking cotton we working past the sundown them city folks don’t know nothing bout that hard work

veronika vostrizkaya says:

нравится кантри….наверное,в какой-то жизни была американкой и знала язык ваш.Посмотрела клип именно этот.Стали еще ближе.Понимаешь,что практически все нас объединяет:тяжелая работа ,добывание хлеба насущного,одинаковая природа с ландшафтом.И после тяжелого труда-умеете отдыхать и расслабляться.Успехов.

samuel sarkinen says:

copie snuff all the time

Rambophobia says:

Stokers Wintergreen LC

kairocs says:

lol, cope longcut.

1950mcormick says:

only parts I have to buy are tires cause I have to pull so many chevys outta ditches

Trent Bertram says:

copenhagen black

Alex Sprouse says:

dodge is were its at and wintergreen skoal. thats why they call it a skoal ring

Caitlin Michelle says:

just as long as you keep buying parts for the peice of junk :P

Nathan Niemann says:

Not all city folks are like that and please stop making us country folks look like idiots who don’t got an education. We all know if you had the money or were able to use a computer you are smart enough to spell.

1950mcormick says:

its the other way around it would be the ford pullin the chevy

Caitlin Michelle says:

if you think a ford is first on race day… psh, yeah only if a chevy was push’n it ;D

Abby Olmedo says:

Excuse me? That’s a stupid reason to not come to the city not that we want you down here!

indianabluecollar says:

aint got a skoal ring got a cope ring tho

Connor K says:

I just don’t like the city because theres too many people, and there seems to be a lack of faith there. That’s all.

noahpritchett123 says:

All yall sayin the city is the best, well yall are some dumbasses always gettin ya rich ass parenta buyin u some fancy ass cloths and shit where down here in the south we work for our shit and iaght spoiled. The south is about family and growin up with them through hard and tough times. We gonna get further in life than yall! And i know know one thing… im born and raised in the south nobody can change or nuthim!

FarmersDaughter814 says:

i agree those damn boys cldnt touch a country boy :) 

countrygirl7379 says:

Anit Nothen Better Theen Bein Raised In Thee Souuth . Hell With Theem Deg On City Slickers .

jefferyhouston72 says:

Well I’m from ohio and I live in BFE and I must say I would rather live in the country and be country than anything else!!! They all can have their city but the country is where I will stay forever and no one will change tht!!!!

MrCountryredneckboy says:

well i hate them niggers so id never be caught in the city

Theruler1997 says:

well i guess u just showed me…… HA

austinsmall73 says:

Ain’t no city folks gonna be able to mug a good ole country boy see we are use to being in tough situations and always get outta them we may be battered and bruised but we’re still standing here proud as ever

ryanshamrock17 says:

cause ford is the best duh..

caseypaable says:

To bad all he choose for the video is ford.

stankerfilmes says:

the city aint that I don’t know what your talking about

cunnanhoperson99 says:

Abby honey I’m born and raised in the country. Obviously u don’t know what ur talking about but that don’t suprise me city folk don’t no much about life there all about disinter cloths and fancy cars. The country way of life is about love and family and BIG ass trucks!3

country born and bread 3

Abby Olmedo says:

Actually I could last a day or more in your hillbilly hills! I think that it’s more that you couldn’t last 5min in the city and let me tell you why. Because you would walk outsisde and h=get mugged because you know nothing of the city! LA is nothing like the country, it’s not some little one horse on sheriff town bitch. The city has everything and if came ocver here, trust me, I wouldn’t be surprised if you ran back home within 30 sec. of seeing the blinking lights!

I’m city proud. Bitch.

kyle williams says:

fuck yall city slicken som bitches always got to think they can whoop a country boys ass man im here in wayne county jesup georgia want some come get it . the south will rise again

kyle williams says:

yeah boy all the other stuffs for wimps and pansys

Briana Haines says:

I was born in manhattan,but i was raised down south every since i was 1 year old.So i would say i’m on the country side.But let me tell you something abby olmedo you should really shut your mouth about all of this.Pssh yea ok all yall up in LA or whatever you call it, wouldn’t last a day in southern grounds.And we could kick your ass’s any day.
I’m southern proud.

freehands1 says:

City and I still chew and drive my diesel. You can’t take the country outa me

freehands1 says:

Born in the UP of Michigan where it’s country, moved to a

Abby Olmedo says:

You sound like you fucking have your fat head down your fat ass!

Theruler1997 says:

u sound like a cunt

Abby Olmedo says:

Ha! As if you could!!!!!!!! BTW you aren’t new to fighting? Well, you haven’t even had a taste of what goes down in LA! I could kick your country ass any time!

jt herbert says:

Depends on what you chew it is hot when a girl chews though

adam blauw says:

dont worry we’ll whoop your ass if you come to our neck of the woods we arent new to fighting

lexi2015panthers says:

Yup. Me, right here. c:
I love my moms cooking

buckshot467 says:

yes mam

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