Cruise- Florida Georgia Line Lyrics

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Caige Leclaire says:

i love country + baby you a song

seth evans says:

awesome song*beast*=beast=me!!!

Mikster7500 says:

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mccracken0001 says:

ummmmm ok

kbent88 says:

Love doesn’t need literacy. lol

tacogirl7003 says:

<3 THIS SOOOO MUCH!!!! <3 <3 <3 CRUISE!!!!

Ivjub says:

So i go onto groovshark in the class lab plug in my buds crank it up all the way then everyone looks at me. I say what you can hear that? Then a guy says “Your headphones arent plugged in dummy” Best day of my life!

Roxzy Jennings says:

love the song =)

HPSsudents says:

you understood more than me then.

jenn jarski says:

abs love this song<3

Marykate May says:

Why would they change the song lyrics because somebody drives a ford? Im a chevy girl. And i respect fords. But the song sounds perfect the way it is.

jonathan schrak says:

nom nom nom ….. potatoes

Jhon Dayle says:

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destiny tallman says:


Camobuckmark says:

All I will buy is a Ford,but saying Ford just doesn’t flow with the lyrics.
They should have sang “I’ve got brand new 39s and a lift kit,it’d look a hell of a lot better with you up in it”

Todd Yarnell says:

its because they dont need the goverments fucking money they are that good

sabrina birdsong says:

How’s that work out for ya?

tucker lensink says:

this song makes me think of my bestfriend grace :)

Samantha Key says:

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t understand half of that. ._.

howdyfromthesticks22 says:

I’m a ford man but I respect a chevy cause they are workhorses ford is made for mud and work chevy is made for what the song says but still I respect em

catt0993 says:

I’m so obsessed with this song right now!

shania burgess says:

i love this my friend zoie got mee lovin this sonqq!! rate from1-10 its a 20 <3 keep doin what u do florida georgia line!!!!! <3 mwahh

eddie nash says:

i do to. when im driving jam the shit out of it

Bridget Tschida says:

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sharee glatzer says:

everytime that i hear this song on the radio i have to crank it up and i just cant help but to sing to it loudly everytime i hear it. i love this song so much you have no idea.

MegaHCProductions says:

They Aren’t going to change the entire song just because someone likes Fords, I’m a Chevrolet man myself but I respect Ford since they didn’t take a bailout from the government.

elizabethbryanna says:

I LOVE THIS SONG!!! I put it in park and grabbed my guitar strummed a couple chords and sang from the heart!!

Power Mad says:

Baby, you a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down and puke Down a dirt road blowing groceries through the middle every little hick town with you In this brand new Chevy with a gear shift Would look a hecka lot better with yo mama in it So Baby you a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down and puke

sadye marie says:

Normally I don’t listen to country music, only a few songs because I really don’t like it but this song Is amazing.

abijacobsen says:

I loveeeeee it

taelormrrison says:

love this song one of my favorites

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BNSdrumm3r says:

Please watch my drum cover of this amazing song:)

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