Florida Georgia Line – 03 It’z Just What We Do

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Florida Georgia Line – 03 It’z Just What We Do I’ll post any songs by request! Just message/comment what you want.


Mikster7500 says:

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joseph travelbee says:

locherj93 stop messing arond with peoples songs youve got kip moore florda gorga line

chelsey bernard says:

country rap :p

nick viertel says:

great music!!!!!!!


My new fave !

Lori Kramer says:

I LOVE this song.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori Kramer says:

Best song ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jonathanmullis0 says:

Great song I’m a jam this at the beach this summer!!!

Alex Johnson says:

New jam!

elijahtreadway45 says:

Fuckin best song there is

stephshane1 says:

fucking bad ass all be cranking this shit in my dodge……….

faerielover10 says:

These guys are awesome the whole CD is great love them

CountryBoySC1993 says:

Dont get me wrong, i like Country music as far back as Wagon Wheels. Idk bout yall but Wagon Wheels is bonfire music, This is party music.

171Magic4 says:

It’s music for redneck niggers.

Ndrew Depatie says:

haha johnny cash would b like oooo heelll yea thats ma shit right ther!!!!!

GreenDayUP says:

haha, its amazing how much “country”music has evolved…id like to Johnny Cash’s reaction to this country i love it

Aaron Morrow says:

Party song for 2013. FGL knows how to make some good music.

Dooby Snax says:

lol @ asian dude

Kelsey Hericks says:

Not competition, just more bro’s.

Joe Moorer says:

The Opening Guitar Riffs on this song>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Niccole Scheib says:

i love this song, their whole cd is amazing <3

Kirstin Kearns says:

<3 loveee!! this song <3

Chí Nhân Huỳnh says:

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WhiteBreasted Hawk says:

don’t get me wrong this song is amazing good mix of rap?/rock and country but colt ford can do all those in every song but props to Florida Georgia line they really good

Erin Stringer says:

i love love love! brantley but these guys are right there with him!

Gait124 says:

sick song. rock/rap/a good deal of countrayyy

rebeccal19 says:

such an amazing song!

spencer hickey says:

bocephus thats me jack!

Tori Ponce says:

Here’s To The Good Times is at the top of my Christmas list I love them so much<3<3

David Eubanks says:

Sorry But Brantley Got some competition now just saying

Christine Meadows says:

a great song. :)

Alan Brown says:

I was having a Problem with this Song while listening to it. For some reason my Volume button wouldn’t turn up loud enough!! so I plugged it into my car a Blaired it till the party started!!

sedfrtfyh3737dfdcdut says:

I love Parmalee!

patrick P says:

if you like these guys chk out Parmalee also

Amy DeMaranville says:

This song is AWESOME!

TheSKOALSTR8 says:

best part for sure!!
gets me pumped

Laura M says:

OBSESSED with this song!!

zachymcspazy says:

thank god i switched to country music these guys are awesome!!!!

Brennan Elmore says:

Reporter asked: Why is every song you make Amazing?
FGL: Itz just what we do. :D

katie leeann says:

LOVE THEM! <3 they have great voices and theyre songs are amazing!!!

victoria hatcher says:

just found out about these guy an they freaken ROCK!!!!!

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