Lovin’ Lyrics Exclusive Artist Interview: Catching up With Florida Georgia Line

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Thanks to our team member, Ingrid, for taking the time to interview one of our favorite new artists and friends, Florida Georgia Line, at Farm Fest NC in Selma, NC on 9/8/12. Thanks to the guys for giving us some time to talk with them and find out about the amazing year they’ve had. Request their hit debut single, “Cruise”, on your local stations now! Available for download on iTunes and Amazon.com www.floridageorgialine.com www.twitter.com/flagaline www.facebook.com/floridageorgialine


RabidSpatulaPaul says:


J Jaramillo says:

GO NOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TMich1287 says:

Love these guys!! Great EP and hope to see more of them soon!!

FeelFreeToSingAlong says:

Caught these guys in Winston Salem, NC and they were awesome. Glad to see this song getting attention on the charts! I just posted a cover of it today. Check it out if y’all get a second! Keep Rocking!

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