Florida Georgia Line – Tip it Back Lyrics

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Florida Georgia Line, and their song Tip it Back with Lyrics:)


dakota bailey says:

hell yeah tip it back

darrell d says:

that will be a good show !

Kyle Sassack says:

I may not live in the country, but im not missing the damn good country music out here

Kyle Sassack says:

i guess she didn’t tip it back

Dipndrive88 says:

man i miss livin in the country. I lived in the city for 4 years now (not by choice trust me) These damn rich kids don’t have a clue what they are missin. YEEHAW TIP IT BACK

dimxbvg says:


linkinpark18280 says:


TheThroneOfAwesome says:

I do still like country, but i feel like older country was better. Country got a more of a pop sound to it. Still love it though

james hanley says:

yall cityslickers dont know what country is i go mudriding everyday and i like sitting by a bondfire with a couple of friends and have a good time aint nothing like a bondfire on a cold dark winters night i and looking at the stars i think im living the good life if u ask me

evitaher says:

Love them! Tyler is from Loganville and I live in Snellville, Georgia; we neighbors and
I am glad y’all like country music. So.. let’s tip it back or “echalo pa’ tras”.

singing4life32 says:

going to see them with luke bryan and thompson square in january can’t waitttttt

2013backwoodsgirl says:

Everyone dissing this song needs to get a nice big glass of shutthefuckup… and tip it back :)

Whitney Ledford says:

seen them in concert!! their AMAZING!!!

starkiller9695 says:

that’s gonna be one hell of a tour

RabidSpatulaPaul says:

These guys are amazing live. They are going to explode this summer on tour with Luke Bryan. And I for one cannot wait.

redneckboy678 says:

they are badass in concert seen them last friday at wild bills in atlanta. along with jake owen and love and theft.

R3Y420 says:

any way you can enable mobile play?? would love to have this song and tell me how you like it in the car :)

Jahayla Mounce says:

becuz its just that awesome lol

XinicideTV says:

Saw them at Cowboys, Badass song

corey hess says:

Why are you not listening to country music?

Melissa S says:

uh, why am I listening to country music? :(

RustedTinMan says:

Just shut up, and tip it back.

SouthernChild6 says:


Onewaydownfall says:

yeah, i seen them in concert this past weekend, it was freaking amazing

kd239906 says:

they’re unreal in concert. so good

Pearson Gardner says:

No shit.

brockthekiller123 says:

love this song have to see yall in concert

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