Florida Georgia Line – Cruise (varsity van cover)

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This video was the result of a 5 hour van trip to Seattle for a tourney. GDTBA


Haley Champagne says:

I LOVE YOU GUYS <3 This was amazing

CountrySoftball says:

Better than Harvard Call Me Maybe! a bunch of hot baseball players singing country music… so much better!

Lillian Isreal says:

Are they twins?

thatlimelightgirl says:

I think I’m in love. <3 Haha.

Mikster7500 says:

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smileyk91 says:

LMFAo!!!! Very adorable!

Erika Bloodgood says:

Guy in the red, hollaaa.

Jon Miller says:

dang that Jeremy Alderman is cute;)

kandace duckworth says:

boy in the bama hat and yellow and orange glasses is sexy

kandace duckworth says:

yall hot

CheerLax13 says:

I could follow you, but I’d rather marry you.

cookgirl7 says:

Lol I loved this. funny :)

5144Maria says:

aweeee, the Jeremy Alderman is DEF a cutie, so is the dude in the red shirt, dear God, whewwww i have been blessssed :) the boys in the front singing was cuteeee!!!

Hailey Hall says:

Who is the guy in the red shirt, and how old are y’all?

SuperDogz101 says:

The only cute one was in the back in the black shirt…

icy822008 says:

You guys rock!!!!

SippinOnChris says:

this was actually pretty cool

Tyler Walmsley says:

Merry me? <3

kimberly nance says:

damn talk about heaven, a bunch of sexy men, baseball players, all in one car singing country music, im definately on cloud 9 right now.

jjam002 says:

holy shit……you guy’s are the poster children for abortion……..i’m a born and bred redneck, but this pop country pretty college boy shit just makes me laugh…….

Krista Daniels says:

Lol. Made me laugh.

Krista Daniels says:

hahahaha, right!

shandel bauman says:

:) if only you guys were country, i would say lets hang out, go mudden shoot some guns and drink some beer

Hannah Black says:

Love this!! It made my day!!

bmarae says:

Red is my favorite!

Katie Johnson says:

University of Kansas Rock Chalk Dancers love you! Marry us?!?!

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